A Fellow Jewelry Artist

This morning I wanted to tell you about a jewelry artist who’s work I am totally in love with.
I met this artist thru the blogging, flickr and facebook, and we are thinking about doing a collaborative piece of jewelry together.
Here is one of Lorelei’s pieces that is in my *small* collection!
She is having a giveaway on her blog today, so head over there and check it out.
She is great at taking components from many different artists and putting them together to make one piece of jewelry.  Each piece is such a work of art.
She also makes some of her own components, and has started to do some resin pieces with her own artwork in the bezels.
Above is another piece that belongs to me!
Go check out her blog, enter the giveaway, and you may win some awesome pendants that she made.
From her blog you can go to her flickr and her etsy shop and see even more wonderful pieces of jewelry.
I promise you wont be disappointed!!!

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