A Beading Journey

For about two years now I have been “playing” with flame working.
It is something I had wanted to do for YEARS.  I got a kit for Christmas one year and was terrified to start the torch. Finally got the opportunity to go to Florida and take a class, then my husband announces that the Miami Boat Show is the same weekend.
We do dog rescue and traveling together can be complicated, so I told him if he wanted to go to the boat show he would have to go and take my flame working class, and come back and show me how to do it!
Being the wonderful husband that he is….he did it 🙂
Since then I haven’t played with it consistently until the last few months when I have gotten more involved in doing jewelry.  One thing I have realized is that mistakes make me better in flame working and it is all practice, practice, practice!!  Seems like those lessons could apply to a lot of things in life.
These pink, black and white ones are some of my faves.
I love doing dots and making feathers.
A lot of what I have learned (besides for what my husband taught me)  has come from reading books and watching dvds, but I sure could use a REAL class sometime soon to do some fancy stuff.
The disks have given me a run for my money, but I love the look of them so much that I keep trying.
I have been putting together some pendants which I will post in a few days…..need to take more pictures.
Here is a container full of a few days of playing.  Some are total disasters, and some are pretty good.  I hang onto the disasters so I can see my mistakes and my improvement.
My head is also filling with ideas for jewelry and adding some of these to mini art quilts.
The possibilities are endless 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Beading Journey

  1. Hi! Just saw your posted comment on my monthly challenge….I'd love for you to participate in the montly challenge! Its meant to inspire and any and all jewelry types are welcomed. Can't wait to come to the Bhamas and give a class!

  2. I will try the April challenge for sure.
    I cant wait for you to come here and teach a class either……whenever you are ready get back to me on the details 🙂

  3. Those beads look awesome! I've been experimenting with frit and encasing (I think I've been at the torch 10 times, maybe? Maybe not even that?) so haven't done a ton of things yet. Disks, I agree, will give you a run for your money!

  4. thanks so much!! the best advice i have for flameworking is do it everyday, even if its just a few beads, otherwise you forget…..or at least i do!
    I am sooooo excited about the bead soup party 🙂

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