Inspiration in Packaging!

Thru blogging, flickring and facebooking I have been fortunate to meet a lot of awesome artists and see some amazing artwork.
One of those artists is Kristen Beason.
A few months ago she did a fabulous piece of artwork for me of my cats, and then a few weeks ago I purchased this ornament, below, from her because I have a strange fascination with cupcakes!
Plus, the money from this was going to a charity that buys birthday gifts for kids in need.
When I got the package in the mail and opened it, I was as fascinated with the packaging as I was with the ornament!  I have struggled for years with packaging my artwork, and this artist’s packaging was beautiful…..I still haven’t taken the ornament out of the packaging!
So then yesterday when I was making that journal cover for my friend, I was wondering how I would give it to her….a gift bag, should i wrap it?……and then i remembered that cute little package from Kristen.
I came up with my own version, and just to be sure i wasn’t stepping on anyone’s toes, I emailed Kristen and asked if it looked like a copy of hers.
She thanked me for emailing her and told me it was not a copy.
So here is the journal, all wrapped up and ready for delivery.
I used a clear bag, topped with decorative papers which I stitched ric rac to, added grommets, zig zag stitching and a tag.
This could be a whole new creative world for me and all those scrapbooking supplies I have been buying for years and never used.
Now my head is over flowing with more packaging possibilities.
During creative spells like this, there are just not enough hours in the day!

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