An Owl of a Journal

I told you a few posts back how I have been sooooo inspired by birds and I thought it was time to let you see a project.
This is a journal cover I started a few weeks ago.
Had it all fused and ready to quilt and then lost my inspiration for that particular project, but found it today and got it all quilted.
The above picture is the back……sometimes I love the back more than the front.  It looks like a doodle.  Actually this will be the inside of the journal, not the back.
Took a picture to remember it since, when I put the sleeves in it, to hold the book in place, this doodle will be covered.

Here it is over the cover of the journal.  The book I am using for a journal is actually a very nice datebook that was given to me by my insurance company.
Since I already had a cool Kelly Rae Roberts datebook, and I couldn’t stand to throw away a book full of paper, I decided to make a journal or a notebook out of it.
Tonight or tomorrow I will add the sleeves to hold the book inside and the binding.  I will post a picture to show it to you as well as some photos of some more things birdy 🙂
I would like to stitch a catchy, maybe even corny, “owl” saying onto the front of this also…..anyone got any ideas?

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