a day of cutting, stitching and a new style

My thread box and drawer of scraps became a mess quickly.
Below is one in a series of framed quilts, Bahamian Architecture, that I have been working on, but today i felt like trying something fun and whimsical….not so traditional……….
There is still ALOT of stitching left to do on the pieces that I started today, but all the pieces are cut and fused on.  This is a scene that happens in my house all the time….no space left on the couch!  It is hard to tell in these pictures but they are dogs on the couch that still need alot of detail added to them.  I have several sketches done of quilt ideas with potcakes (a Bahamian mutt) so today I feel like I was off to a good start on this new series.
I will post pictures of this quilt when it is done, and framed.
Back to stitching for me!

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